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A system for enterprise wide people connect, information sharing and digital applications consolidation
  • Being a global entity we desire to excel in maintaining synergy in different work culture & local cultures.
  • M1 is vibrant, user friendly & colorful to attract people and engage them.
  • M1 opens as default portal on all user machines.
  • Enables Enterprise Social Network which is new way of working across globe.

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Minutes of Meeting Management System (MOMMS)

A system for enterprise wide people connect, information sharing and digital applications consolidation
Key Features
  • Pluggable in Outlook and easy to use
  • Define Meeting Agenda
  • Send Meeting invitation
  • Record minutes of meeting
  • Mark Points as Confidential
  • Define Action Points and assign
  • Refer previous MoMs and Action Points
  • Track action points till closure
  • Alerts and notifications against action points
  • Central repository for all MoMs
  • Provision to search MoMs based on contents
  • Web Portal

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Requisition Approval System (RAS)

Requisition Approval System (RAS) is a workflow based solution used for managing Capital Expenditures and Revenue Expenditure against the defined budgets of an Organization.
Key Features
  • No more physical movement of paper.
  • No more unnecessary delay due to manual process/ non-availability of signatories.
  • Easy tracking of status request. Improves visibility.
  • Electronic Authorization using an automated Workflow process and agreed sign-off limits.
  • Divesting responsibility and accountability.
  • No more data input errors due to manual punching in system at various stages.
  • Improvement in efficiency of approval process
  • Provide real time reporting for financial and business control.
  • Saves from loss of money due to inappropriate use of Capital Expenditure
  • Proper control on all kind of Capital Expenditure against defined budgets
  • Recording of expenditure against relevant Budget areas.
  • System alerts for Budget overspend.

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Travel Approval System (STARS)

STARS is a workflow based solution automating Travel Requisition Approval process with in a unit or across all the units of an enterprise with an objective of making quick approval system in order to save time & hence money.
Key Objectives
  • Cost control - Proper control on all kind of travels both international & domestic travels including guest travels arranged by group company
  • Tracking and monitoring of all travels at global level
  • Avoid delay in approvals due to non-availability of signatories while travelling
  • There are certain global approvers at corporate level who approves all the travel requests generated from different units, so need to have a centralized web based system.
  • Easy consolidation of data from all the units and quick analysis
  • Reduce paper work and physical movement of documents
  • Quick retrieval of any request and improve visibility through single window

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A3 Tracker Strategic Investment tracker

A strategic system for core management of the business to create investment plans, review and track further.
Key Benefits
  • Standard A3 format, inclusion of essential KPIs
  • Standard definitions & consistent formula across the group
  • Global A3 repository for comparing various projects & investments.
  • In built approval system, to ensure all users in consensus
  • Tracking A3 ensures timely delivery and financial metrics
  • Integrated Q&A board to simplify information sharing
  • Scorecards and Dashboards for easy monitoring

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Budget Management System (BMS)

Budget Management System (BMS) is a web based system for budget preparation, review, and approval by various authorities, and it also provides various analysis reports.
Key Benefits
  • Standard Budget Preparation Process
  • Automatic Consolidation and Centralization of Budgets
  • Online Review and Approval Process
  • Better Control and Management of Budgets, with scalability from Unit level to Company level
  • Offering a 360° unified view of each unit’s budget and transactions
  • Dashboards for monitoring & tracking of budget vs actuals
  • Support to Treasury for Funding Planning, Investments and Working Capital management
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Pulse MIS

A Digital MIS platform for reporting all KPIs of the company to management by pulling in data from across business systems and doing consolidation & analysis.
Key Features
  • Monitoring the Health of the Unit / Company/ Group
  • It shares Unit-wise health aggregation for the top management
  • Unit level Corporate Governance for TST & beyond
  • It Standardises & Strengthens the business fundamental

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Centralized Audit Management System (CAMS)

Add more value to your organization with MIND’s internal audit software.

CAMS a end to end automated internal audit software provides automatic risk analysis to support efficient and effective assurance planning and coverage. Simplify audit management. Increase transparency, aggregate risk assessment data, and improve collaboration between teams providing accurate picture to the senior management & Accelerating feedback processes, and better mitigate operational and enterprise risks.

Key Features
  • End to End automated web based system
  • Automated Risk based audit planning
  • Monitor resources, skill sets and overall team schedules
  • Automatic Audit approvals and workflows
  • Central Repository
  • Automatic Scheduling of Tasks and Follow-ups
  • Tracking of activities across the organization
  • Visibility into specific audit engagements
  • Resource and Time Management
  • Automatic Audit Health Check up
  • Advanced Analytics, Reporting & Escalation
  • Auditor based performance appraisal
Key Benefits
  • Reduce costs and elapsed time to reporting
  • Design and roll out of audit program, notification to audit
  • Streamline audit approvals and workflows
  • Visibility into audit processes and data
  • Enable a streamlined, consistent, and risk-based audit process
  • Prioritize & focus on high impact and less controlled areas
  • Optimizes audit productivity
  • Strengthen collaboration on audit activities across the organization
  • Accelerate the audit cycle and ensures efficient utilization of audit resources
  • Monitor issues and recommendations to closure

Connect seamlessly & gain integrated view of key risks and related assurance activities to support efficient and effective assurance planning and coverage. With Automated Audit Planning gain visibility into your key risk areas & assign resources to critical risk-based audits. Track Issues & Ensure Accountability.

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Compliance Control System (CCS)

Key Features
  • CCS is a solution to all your concerns related with compliance management.
  • CCS is a web based solution which lets you define your risks and the controls you have in place to prevent that risk from occurring and remediation plans to mitigate any potential impact.
  • It helps managing compliance by configuring and monitoring across organizations.
  • It Standardises & Strengthens the business fundamental
  • Add Country, State and Department Wise Compliance.
  • Add risk if any
  • Define Compliance frequency
  • Define Evidence Definition & Exception
  • Define Coverage Period, Trigger Date and Due Date
  • Assign Performer and Reporting Manager
  • Assign Reviewer and Approver
  • Define Escalation
  • Configure Reminders
  • Attach evidence if required
  • Approve, Return or Reject.
  • Close Compliance
Key Benefits
  • Creates and maintains a single repository of all compliance information across the organization.
  • Improved compliance performance enabled through defined ownership and proactive alerts & escalations.
  • Drives consistency in compliance actions across locations and help highlight exposure area.
  • Streamlines compliance reporting and reduces risk of manual intervention.
  • Helps drive timely corrective action and remediation where ever required.

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