Though testing forms about one-third part of any Software Life Cycle, it happens to be the most important phase to ensure excellent deliveries to the customer. In the truest sense of the word, the identification of defects as early as requirement phase can help an organization save a fortune even without the implementation of tried and tested cost control strategies.

Digital transformation and an ever-increasing need for flexibility have compelled enterprises to focus on business-oriented testing and strategically aligned quality assurance services. During the last few years with much faster roll outs, the quality of software has posed a major hurdle to emerging as well as established software businesses. In addition, the newfound need to abide by global quality standards has once again brought quality assurance and testing to the front.

At MIND, we clearly understand that the business impact of testing is evident from the manner in which it affects deliverables and quality service. The deployment readiness of software applications is not just an indicator of their performance, but also a capability that congregates to help you build a competitive edge. This is the reason we attempt to change our offerings according to our client’s business needs.

For us, value addition does not mean only leveraging technological advance, but also the implementation of best industry practices for identifying the defects and ensuring a high performing system for our customers. We strive to let our clients make the most through the professional expertise of our team.

Testing services integral to software development at MIND:

Our software testing lifecycle

Deriving value with MIND’s testing services…

  • Realization of your quality transformation goal with measurable enhancement in quality
  • Evident cost benefits due to timely defect detection
  • Improved operational agility
  • Reduction in time-to-market
  • Accomplishment of strategic business objectives

Moving towards a “defect-free” product.

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