As technology moves steadily to take over as a business transformer, the likelihood for business growth tends to be slow in the absence of support and maintenance services. What matters is not just enhancing the life of business applications in use, but also enabling value-addition thereby preparing an enterprise for unexpected challenges.

Over the years, technology has come out of its conventional shadow of being a support service and assumed responsibility as the strategic enabler for businesses. Moreover, volatile market conditions and consistent pressure to outperform competitors has further emphasized on the need for improved support and maintenance services.

MIND’s support and maintenance team completely understands that in today’s times technology takes charge for performance, efficiency and even functionality of an organization. We not only make sure that the technical resources of your enterprise give their best in terms of performance and are operational round-the-clock, but also go the extra mile to work on the quality component of your technical applications to bring them at par with the global industry standards. Since catering to the varied technological needs of customers has always been the first priority for MIND, we have treaded ahead, accepted challenges and never limited our horizons to a particular technology or area of work. MIND offers state-of-the-art support and maintenance services for everything ranging from customized business applications to enterprise packaged applications. We aim to optimize the technical capabilities of our clients as they move ahead to make their presence felt in the business world.

We fulfil your maintenance requirements associated with:

  • User support
  • Documentation
  • Bug Fixing
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Routine & scheduled maintenance
  • Testing Services
  • Enhancements

Value proposition of MIND’s support and maintenance services…….

  • Cost savings
  • Redeployment of internal resources for strategic business initiatives
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduction in system downtime
  • Proactive approach to changing business priorities and requirements
  • Facilitating global integration of customer’s business through full-time support

Support or maintenance does not imply yet another technological upgrade to enhance business efficiency, but allowing your business a leverage vis-à-vis work quality as well.

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