Many businesses have come to rely on both internal and external technology networks for day-to-day operations. If there is a problem with a network, a business can lose more than just profit.

MIND’s Network Monitoring System can prevent from network problems to happen, it act as an “Early Warning System” to let managers and owners know of potential problems before they strike.

MIND’s Network Monitoring System provides powerful capabilities to enable your network operations team to efficiently manage a network of any size, reduce the business risk of downtime, and increase network service levels. It is the one solution for managing fault, availability, performance and advanced network services for your physical, virtualized, hybrid, and cloud network environments.

Why Network Monitoring System Required?

Network Monitoring is a preventative system, intended to warn you about potential network problems so you can proactively seek solutions before a vital network goes down. This makes it, in a round-about way, a justifiable addition to business value since, when implemented right, there will be less network crashes—which means less or no profit loss.

Key Features of MIND Network Monitoring System

  • Our NOC is staffed – 24*7- with a team of experience support professional.
  • Performance and availability management
  • Real-time security and health monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Root Cause and Impact Management
  • Real time notifications of incident remediation
  • ITIL best practices
  • Output to customer ticketing system

Key Benefits to Clients

  • Minimal Time to get the required output
  • Industry best practices
  • Minimize risk of complicated implementation projects
  • Increase end user satisfaction by decreasing system downtime
  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Prevent expensive network problems before they occur
  • Monitors systems at multiple levels to ensure that service level agreements are being met

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