Successful companies today are those that excel at managing their customers, finances and operations. Using eMPro as a tool shall support you to outperform your competition and take your business beyond the success.

As the business is going global with neck to neck competition and regular pressure from customer to reduce cost, business today needs a multi-dimensional tool to support them in knowing the improvement areas, bringing in control points and proactive information to act well in time. The need today is to have uniform data, residing in a centralized location with information updates from respective business functions.

The need is to:

  • Know customer demand patterns
  • Calculate optimized inventory needs
  • Lay efficient in-process inventory
  • Get the pulse of production – Input / Output ratios, spare capacities, inefficiency with respect to downtime, Cycle time and rejects.
  • Take control over RM consumptions
  • Ensure 100% on time customer delivery with complete accuracy

eMPro is web based end-to-end enterprise business solution, designed specifically to meet manufacturing and operational needs of discrete manufacturing industries and assembly plants. It does a seamless end-to-end business process integration from an item-in to an item-out. It aligns business processes with customer demand at strategic and tactical levels and with organization’s capabilities - resulting in improved revenue, profitability and market share. It also helps optimize use of resources, reducing excess inventory and improving inventory turns.

eMPro - ERP

eMPro ERP covers the following

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