Today, internal production logistics represent a real challenge for the manufacturing industry across the world. Over the last decades, the transition to automated, operator free systems has seen the large majority of manufacturing plants equip their processing and packaging lines with automated systems in which the operator’s tasks are limited merely to supervision and control. Now, this trend is also spreading to internal logistics. Upstream and downstream of the production process, automated handling of merchandise, pallets and raw materials by systems run through software packages that provide continuous monitoring of operating parameters and define the tasks to be assigned to each unit, is a growing reality.

MIND has developed a fully fledged automation application to deal with each stage of internal logistic management in production unit.

ILMS – Internal Logistic Management System

Salient Features

  • Completely digital, paperless and minimized manual intervention
  • Real time Work in progress status
  • Poke-Yoke at Assembly
  • Poke-Yoke at Paint shop
  • Proactive escalations
  • Sequence Broadcasts
  • Integrated with MATTEC