Role of Automation software are significant in manufacturing industry for reducing the error and increasing the productivity. One of the longest overall processes in enterprise is the supply chain. From the reception of materials to warehousing management, production, work in progress, storage of finished goods, transport and final billing, a supply chain provide ample opportunities for automating the process to reduce manual intervention and boast productivity.

MIND has developed a bar-coding technology based automation solution to smoother the production process which enable the organizations to meet various objectives of different production stages

Barcode Automation

Objective of Barcode Automation for different stages

For Incoming Store:

  • FIFO enforcement
  • Picking up of Right item for Right process

For Work in progress area:

  • Track the status in WIP

For Bonded Store:

  • Picking up right material in right quantity
  • Dispatch of right material to right consignee

For vendor Management:

  • Maintaining complete transparency with customer
  • Updating the vendors- invoice wise / stage wise
  • Keep vendors posted from invoicing to material receiving to payment disbursement

Business Benefits of Barcode Automation

  • Improve data accuracy
  • Automate warehouses and production process
  • Optimize your shop floor
  • Improve supply chain logistics
  • Boost productivity by minimizing manual intervention