MIND provides Banking Solutions that enables you to build your business around your customers – simply, predictably and reliably.

Earlier Banking software have been developed to regulate trading, securities, lending, interest rates and changes that are constantly happening, but now the role of banking software is evolving rapidly. We provide banking solution that facilitates a wide range of banking operations and enables efficient handling of large transaction volumes on a daily basis.

Above all, you want to deliver an exceptional corporate and wholesale banking customer experience that builds loyalty, enhances agility, fuels innovation and extends your competitive edge and we as a technology partner support you to achieve this objective.

Some of our key solutions for Banking & Finance industry are as follows:

Cheque Truncation System

MIND Cheque Truncation Solution (MCTS) complies with all requirements of the RBI. MCTS meets all requirements of small and medium banks with limited branches and low transaction volume to big corporate banks with multiple branches and high transaction volume environments. MCTS supports decentralized, centralized and hybrid (hub and spoke) models of Cheque Truncation System.

Salient Features

  • Development of an image based Cheque Truncation System complying to all requirements of RBI
  • To be deployed as a stand alone system with ability to reconcile with the core banking system
  • Integration with signature database of the bank and CHI of RBI
  • Complete audit trail with bank and RBI specific reports
  • Enhanced security features with access controls and digital signatures

Signature Verification System

This application compliance with all related government norms and leads to the increase safety in banking operations.

Salient Features

  • Creation and managing of a/c.
  • Supports many document classifications.
  • Enhanced security features
  • Image based indexing, retrieval and archival.

Trade Finance Export System

This application facilitates the banking operation by automating the export transactions as per RBI regulations.

Salient Features

  • Automation of export transactions and reporting for RBI / head office
  • Deployed as a stand alone parallel system with integration to the legacy system

R Returns

This application has been developed for smother functioning & management of Foreign exchange transactions

Salient Features

  • Automation of the statutory reports required by the RBI
  • Foreign exchange management & reporting through Nostro and Vostro accounts
  • Multiple Business Intelligence (BI) reports on FOREX management

CIBIL System

The objective of the application is to record & manage credit information as per RBI guidelines

Salient Features

  • Facility of uploading credit information as well as manual entry by users
  • Credit information file generation as per the RBI guidelines

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