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Our AI-ML & Analytics solutions aim at

Increasing business IQ by driving value from data

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Turning data into meaningful business insights

With our talented pool of Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Engineers, we empower organizations across industries and business functions to analyze unstructured data and drive value out of it by leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI-ML Solutions

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive : Machine Learning
  • Data Sciences

Data Engineering

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Lake / Big Data
  • Governance & Security

Data Visualization

  • Advanced Dashboards
  • Visual Analytics – Self Server BI
  • MIS – Reporting

Making differences in every business function


Operational Improvements and enhanced Plant Productivity using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Supply Chain

AI and analytics solutions help in devising more efficient shipping routes that not only cut costs but also ensure faster delivery of products to the destinations


Efficient Planning, Budget management and reporting with the help of Data & Analytics. Data-driven evaluation against audit rules to generate, notify, track & manage audit exceptions through workflow

Automated Business Processes

Greater profitability while improving accuracy across functions and industries with superior scalability and flexibility

Smart Collaboration

AI-based Digital Personal Assistant for seamless integration of applications for sales and support query handling

Business Intelligence

Strategic Decision Making for accurate workforce planning, demand and supply forecasting, budgeting and financial management to minimize business risk

Accelerate AI-ML practice with Cloud

Data being at the center of AI-ML and analytics solutions, has its own importance and complexities. With the continuous increase in the data available for analysis, organizations are struggling to accommodate the required storage and computing needs in their on-premise setup for implementing AI-ML solutions. The cloud allows enterprises to use automated and managed machine learning solutions which removes these limitations and allows all stakeholders to access the program and insights.

Organizations can leverage the following cloud features to unleash the AI-ML potential to the fullest in transforming their business.



Data Lakes

Cost Efficiency


Faster Deployment

Driving AI-ML with AWS

Explore AWS AI-ML services with MIND which is a blend of MIND’s capabilities and AWS broadest set of AI-ML services supporting cloud infrastructure and helping customers to accelerate their AI-ML journey as well as creating impactful AI-ML solutions faster. With AWS, we offer quick AI-ML services for a variety of use cases.

Advanced Text Analytics

Automated Code Reviews


Demand Forecasting

Document Analysis

Natural Language Based Search

Fraud Prevention

Image & Video Analysis

Personalized Recommendations

Real-time Translation

Text to Speech


Driving Data Analytics with AWS

MIND provides an array of Data Analytics services which are blend of MIND’s capabilities and AWS broadest set of Data Analytics services supporting cloud infrastructure and helping customers to accelerate their Analytics journey and creating impactful analytics solutions to accelerate the business growth. With AWS, we offer quick Data Analytics services for a variety of use cases.

Our core strength lies in Data Lake, ETL and Data Governance solutions on AWS Cloud. Our team is expert in implementing Big Data processing services like Amazon EMR and Amazon Kinesis to help customers in achieving competitive advantage.

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is the industry-leading cloud big data platform for processing vast amounts of data using open source tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Flink, Apache Hudi, and Presto. Amazon EMR makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale your big data environments by automating time-consuming tasks like provisioning capacity and tuning clusters

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyse real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. Amazon Kinesis offers key capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale, along with the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit the requirements of your application

Why MIND for your AI-ML Journey

MIND with its AI-ML competencies and specialty team, drives change through initiatives made possible by the data lake, thus enabling businesses to realize full value from data and turn it into valuable insights for intelligent decision-making & business transformation.

Collaborative Approach

We work in collaboration with the clients to identify & understand business problems and build customized solutions.

Consulting to Delivery

We analyze the challenges, assess the data, develop solutions & algorithms, visualize insights and implement the best fit solutions as per their business needs.

Analytics Expertise

Our talented pool of Business Analysts, Data Scientists & Engineers along with functional expertise gives us an edge for providing specialized and niche technical offerings.

Customize Solutioning

Our solutions range from use-case-specific applications to full-scale analytics transformation which are customized at each level according to the needs of the clients and businesses.

Customer Success Stories

Demand Forecasting
Helped one of the leading global car manufacturers in more accurate demand forecasting. Our study of correlations and impact on various demand parameters including macro economic indicators resulted in 93% accuracy in demand prediction which helped the manufacturer in production planning.
Face Recognition
Implemented smart face recognition solution using AI for one of the leading EdTech company who conducts online examinations and do effective online proctoring to prevent any malpractices.
Invoice Process Automation
Helped one of the leading enterprises from the manufacturing space with the automation of Invoice processing. Using text analysis and process automation, the customer can now process more invoices with fewer resources which helped them reduce 40% manpower.